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People had long ago cut themselves off of their natural environment and have suffered since from this division, the lack of the essential feeling of unity and belonging.


Throughout history people have always been searching for a perfect place. This shortfilm, based on Guaraní mythology (Tierra sin mal) offers another point of view on paradise: what if the real paradise is inside us and lies in the harmony and unity of everything alive?


Paper cut animation made for an exhibition about the history of the Hungarian public transport on the Danube.


One story of seven children from different countries living in Hungary for different reasons, but all experiencing something similar. It's quite uncommon to speak about immigration through children eyes and with animation.


I chose a dialog from Tamara by Szabolcs Hajdu, a Hungarian film director. The purpose of the project was to practice animating lip-syncing, but also change the place and the situation of the original dialog.


What happens if we discover some hidden talent in our life? Can we change? Can we affect our environment?


2D papercut stop motion animated short film set to traditional Hungarian children songs.


A 2D paper-cut animation using the drawings of gypsy children who participated in a drawing competition. The contestants could choose from three songs, so I had to mix all the children’s drawings with some new ones and fix them to to the music.


director: Péter Vácz background design: Kati Egely A little girl has an adventure with water as she travels from a small brook to the sea. A tale of growing up based on a Hungarian poem.


This experimental short film is based on a story from the Hungarian author, Géza Csáth. He is known for crafting dark, bizarre and surrealistic worlds in his stories, which he created while under the influence of a morphine addiction. This story in particular, titled Kálvin Square, takes place which in one of the oldest and busiest squares in Budapest. The story speaks about one day in the square without using characters or a defined storyline. I wanted to keep his story’s surrealism and half dream world, and also show the changes that have occurred from his era until now. I modelled the whole square with carton board and then projected footage I had taken of the square itself onto the model. The model adds depth to the projected footage and creates a layered, irregular and dream like atmosphere.


In Catalonia, bullfighting was forbidden for a few years. But we met with a bullfighter that wanted to find job outside of bullfighting. His adventure brings us to the south of Spain and an amusing reflection on unemployment in Spain.


Music video for Manuel Vera Tudela Wither, a peruvian composer-singer speaks about those moments when we need to go back to the nature and feel the connection with it..


Music video for a Bolivian composer-musician-singer who lives in Buenos Aires. I was shooting in Buenos Aires and in Cuzco (Peru) where I finished it with stop motion and drawing animation.


Matyodesign is a small shop where the elderly work alongside young designers. Together they combine modern design with traditional Hungarian handicraft.


This publicity message is for a foundation that helps for gypsy people with various projects. Some in the education and others to help find employment. The publicity message asks people to donate an equivalent of 1% of their taxes.